Why Dove Dark Chocolate Is the Best on the Market

Sometimes a little piece of chocolate is the perfect after-dinner snack or reward for a long day of work. I almost always have chocolate in my purse or bag, just to be prepared for a chocolate-worthy moment. While Lindt, Ghirardelli and Hershey's have delicious options for anyone with a sweet tooth, Dove hits the spot like none other. Dove dark chocolate is the perfect chocolatey snack to treat yourself with whether it is Valentine's Day or a Tuesday night.

I'm in Love With Dove Dark Chocolate Candy

Anyone who's enjoyed a piece of Dove dark chocolate knows that it is simply delicious. It has a soft, smooth texture and the perfect amount of sweetness. Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cacao than milk chocolate, which is why it tastes richer and less sweet. Cacao is also known to have high levels of minerals and antioxidants, which makes dark chocolate healthier than milk chocolate. Dove dark chocolate is made with quality cacao, accounting for its delectable flavor and texture.

See, even Tori Spelling likes it!

Tori Spelling at Dove chocolates during Silver Spoon Pre-Emmy Hollywood Buffet

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Another perk of Dove dark chocolate is that it is gluten-free. All Dove dark chocolate bars are gluten-free except for the Cookies & Creme flavor and the Dove Cinnamon Graham Cookies, so an allergy to gluten won't stop you from enjoying this delicious sweet treat. Any possible gluten cross-contamination can be found in a disclaimer on the product's label.

Types of Dove Chocolate

There are many types of Dove candy bars, each as delicious as the last. These many options range from dark chocolate bars to dark chocolate almond, not to mention the peanut butter chocolate and the truffles. The Dove promises are popular not only for their taste but for their encouraging messages on the inside of the product packaging. Nothing brings more joy than the combo of a special message and a taste of yummy dark chocolate.

Dove Promises

The Dove Promises silky smooth dark chocolate typically comes in an 8.46 ounce bag, but you can get them in a large bag as well. For an assortment of chocolate squares, the Dove promises a variety mix chocolate candy has dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and milk chocolate with caramel. These bags are ideal to fill a candy bowl or to have a long-lasting chocolate stash.

Nutritional Value

Dove dark chocolate contains sugar, chocolate Dutch processed with alkali, cocoa butter, chocolate, milkfat, soy lecithin, artificial and natural flavors, and milk. Five pieces of the "promises" have 210 calories, along with 5 milligrams of cholesterol and 21 grams of carbohydrates.

While a large amount of these tasty chocolates would not be recommended for a low-calorie diet, they do provide calcium and iron. Along with this, dark chocolate has been shown to protect against diseases like cancer and heart disease because of its flavonoid antioxidants. Because of these health benefits, Dove dark chocolate is not only delectable but good for you in moderation!

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