Doritos 3D Are Back with Two Poppable Flavors

The early 2000s was a time of wacky snacks. Purple ketchup, yogurt bites, Dunkaroos, cereal straws, and my absolute favorite: Doritos 3D. Poppable, crunchy, and addicting, these crispy chips were discontinued in the early 2000s. Almost two decades later, Doritos 3D crunch is making its comeback and I couldn't be more excited. What's better than snacking on 3D chips?!

Doritos is Bringing Back Retro Doritos 3D Chips

Beginning December 28, snackers can grab a bag of Spicy Ranch or Chili Cheese Nacho Doritos 3D in grocery stores nationwide. The original Cool Ranch flavor got jacked for Millennials in the relaunch adding a kick of spice to the new Doritos. The chips also come in a normal bag compared to the poppable snack container it came in back in the day.

"Doritos 3D Crunch is one of our most anticipated product launches ever. What's exciting is that we didn't just bring back the original — we've evolved it to reflect the snacking trends of a new generation," Rachel Ferdinando, senior vice president, and chief marketing officer of Frito-Lay North America said in a press release.

Crunchy chips aren't the only thing making a comeback this year. Frito-Lay also called upon actress Aly Landry, who gained fame for her 1998 role in the Doritos 3D Crunch Super Bowl commercial as the Doritos Girl, to help kick off the revamped campaign. The commercial featured the former Miss USA, Ali Landry alongside Sean Hayes in a hot-and-spicy Laundromat commercial. The new commercial wide pay homage to the original, bringing Landry back into the laundromat.

Landry will also host a #Doritos3Dchallenge on Tiktok where she will be asking fans to eat the chips in the boldest ways possible. While there is no news yet on a prize, I'm sure there will be lots of memorable entries.

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