Man Gives Perfect Explanation of Why Texas is so Awesome

One stereotype that Texans proudly proclaim true is that we love our state more than you love your state. In fact, we love our state more than you probably love a lot of things.

But some people just don’t quite get why.

Thanks to a video post by Chad Prather going viral on Facebook, all those folks who just don’t quite “get it” can understand in less than two minutes.

Chad Prather posted the smooth-tongued video from his car explaining that he was born in Georgia but got Texas “as fast as he could.” Why? Cause sometimes you want a Whataburger with jalapeños at 3 a.m. (In related news, check out this Texan’s fantastic slam poetry ode to the fast food chain).

But it’s not just that — Texans never get bored navigating the state’s beautiful range of topography, and they’ve probably got a little extra gas money thanks to not paying state income taxes. And of course, because when you’re traveling away from the beautiful state of Texas and a foreigner asks where you’re from and you say, “Texas,” nobody says, “Where’s that?”

Delaware, as Prather points out, just can’t pass that test.

But the best thing about the video may be the tongue-in-cheek Texas kindness the state is known for when Prather says that if you don’t get it, maybe it’s best you just don’t come through and we’ll keep it to ourselves.

Then, with a smile, he says, “Just kidding, y’all come any time you want.”

The video was shared by the I Am A Texan Facebook page and is fast approaching 2 million views on Facebook. Check out all the reasons Chad lists in the video above.

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Man Gives Perfect Explanation of Why Texas is so Awesome