Eagles Member Don Henley on the Serene Beauty of Caddo Lake

Don Henley photo: Danny Clinch

Caddo Lake is one of the South’s most beautiful natural wonders. Located along the Texas-Louisiana border, the natural lake has long attracted and inspired all kinds of artists. Eagles founding member Don Henley is one of them.

“Caddo Lake is my church,” says Henley in this YouTube video. “If there’s any evidence of divinity on this Earth, it certainly exists here.”

Henley, who grew up in nearby Cass County, has visited the lake throughout his life to find solace. With its towering bald cypress trees, moss-covered waters and ethereal calm, it’s no wonder why Henley finds peace there.

“I’ve been fortunate in my career that I’ve been able to travel all over the world playing concerts with the Eagles, but I never seen any place like Caddo Lake, and that’s what’s always brought me back.”

Henley talks more about the wonders and secrets of Caddo Lake, including its diverse ecosystem, in the video below. If you want more of Henley’s perspective of East Texas life, check out his latest solo album, Cass Countywhich explores his rural Texas upbringing.

In March, Caddo Lake experienced its highest flood levels in years. The lake is considered full at 179 feet, but on March 15 the water level rose to 179.95 feet. Several homes, businesses and vehicles on both sides of the lake were destroyed by the flooding.

Keep those affected by the flood in your hearts and mind this week. And when the region returns to normal, pay a visit Caddo Lake — it’s one of our state’s most cherished natural treasures you don’t want to miss.

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Eagles Member Don Henley on the Serene Beauty of Caddo Lake