Song Premiere: Don Gallardo's Gentle Cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Bad Moon Rising'

Singer-songwriter Don Gallardo may reside in Nashville, but a big piece of his heart is still in his home state of California. On his forthcoming album In the Name of Good Intentions ( our September 20th via JTM Music), Gallardo honors Golden State legends Creedence Clearwater Revival with his dreamy cover of "Bad Moon Rising."

"I grew up in Northern California where John Fogerty was born. CCR was always a big influence and this song felt perfect for the new album which has a theme of songs that offer advice to humanity and some have political aspects that speak of the ideology of togetherness," Gallardo tells Wide Open Country. "They speak of calling out the things in life that negatively impact your life."

Listen to Don Gallardo's "Bad Moon Rising" below.

Gallardo's music has been featured in "The Vampire Diaries," ABC's "Nashville," and Netflix series "The Ranch."

For more information on Don Gallardo, visit his official website.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Sept. 9 — The Basement — Nashville, Tenn.
Sept. 20 — WMOT Finally Friday — Nashville, Tenn.
Sept. 27 — The Bluebird Cafe — Nashville, Tenn.

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