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See Dolly Parton Surprise Cam on 'Good Morning America'

Cam's song "Diane" is winning over listeners for its honest lyrics and soaring vocals. Inspired by Dolly Parton's classic song "Jolene," "Diane" gives voice to the "other woman" in the scenario. On Tuesday, April 3, Cam appeared on Good Morning America to perform the song and received an unsuspected message from one of her biggest idols: Dolly Parton herself.

In a pre-recorded message, Dolly offers some words of encouragement for the singer and shares her appreciation for Cam adding a new prospecting to the "Jolene" narrative.

"You did good on that," Parton said in the message. "I wish I could be there to hear it in person, but I'll be watching you on TV. I'm watching you girl."

Cam was clearly moved by the message from Parton.

"She's talented. She's smart; she's a huge icon for all women," the rising star said of the country legend.

Watch the video of the moment and Cam's performance of "Diane" below.

This isn't the first time Parton has reached out to Cam. In February, Cam shared a note she received from Parton on her Instagram.

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In 2016, Parton and Cam sat down together for Cracker Barrel's Front Porch Series.

On April 17, Cam will embark on her Listening Room Series Tour in Portland, Ore. For a complete list of dates, visit Cam's official website.

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