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Dolly Parton Shares Poem About Being Quarantined With Family



Dolly Parton has really stepped it up during the coronavirus pandemic. When she's not making a generous donation toward a COVID-19 cure, she's adding her own touch to country music stars' increased use of streaming video: Be it for her Goodnight With Dolly bedtime stories for kids or with a quarantine-themed poem that comedically captures how many of us adults feel about social distancing.

The poem Parton shared Thursday (April 9) on social media goes as follows:

This too shall pass, as all things will
If the virus don't kill us, the staying home will
The kids are bored and restless
They scream and yell and squawk
And the teens and tweens, they're just plain mean
They bite your bleeping head off
And all those loving couples that were once so sweet and cozy
Now they fight like cats and dogs, like Donald and Pelosi
Lord, get us back to school and get us back to work
And get us out of this dad blame house before someone gets hurt
And Lord, please find a vaccination in the form of a shot or a pill
Because if the virus don't kill us, the staying home will.


Parton checks off a lot of boxes there, from typing around swear filters to inviting family members to spout off hot takes for or against President Trump, while bringing a little levity to indefinite quarantining.

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It's pretty much a given that Parton will bring smiles to faces every time she shares a video, whether she's reading "The Little Engine That Could" to kids, remembering the legacy of her "Islands in the Stream" duet partner Kenny Rogers or reminding us that everyone else's teens and tweens bite their bleepin' heads off.


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