Watch Dolly Parton's Lyric Video for Sultry New Single, 'Outside Your Door'

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Dolly Parton is at it again. The 70-year old country queen just released a lyric video for new single, "Outside Your Door," and age hasn't tamed her seductive powers one bit.

The song is from her upcoming studio album, Pure and Simple. Like the first single,"Pure and Simple," Parton's new tune relies heavily on her classically whisper-soft voice. And, of course, traditional instrumentation.

"Outside Your Door" is a love song at heart. But it focuses much more on the irresistible physical side of love. Yet it does so in a way Parton makes feel authentic. Dolly recently revealed that the album heavily leans on love songs, thanks in part to her 50-year marriage.

It's no surprise Parton delivered something on the seductive side. She's always balanced her status as a sex symbol and feminist icon masterfully.

For starters, Parton fully embraced her decisions to have plastic surgery. One of the original "anti-body shamers," Parton said the surgery was her right. She's always been in control of her body and what makes her feel good.

So naturally, that attitude extends to her music. Over the years, Parton used her sexuality as a statement. She refused to let women feel bad about themselves or their music, especially in the country world.

In other words, she's an original country badass.

So if Parton wants to release a song about hooking up in her own classic way, more power to her. Pure and Simple comes out Aug. 19 and Parton is currently on the road gearing up for the release.

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Watch Dolly Parton's Lyric Video for Sultry New Single, 'Outside Your Door'