Dolly Parton Shares Message With Those Affected by Tennessee Tornado: 'We're All With You'

Dolly Parton is among the many country artists sharing prayers and well wishes in the wake of the devastating tornado that hit middle Tennessee on March 3. WKRN reports that the tornado caused at least 21 fatalities and destroyed dozens of homes and buildings.

Parton shared a heartfelt message on social media early Tuesday morning (March 3).

"I'm here on the job today because, as they say, the show must go on, but we had a lot of damage out in our area today. I know a lot of Nashville was devastated by the storms. I just want all of you to know that we are all with you and hope that your family's okay and that your property is going to be able to get mended pretty soon...Just want you to know that you're being thought of....Our prayers are with you."

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"Praying for all those affected by the devastating storms in Tennessee and my heart is especially with the families who lost loved ones ❤️ We are all with you," Parton wrote on Instagram.

Parton, a Tennessee native, previously helped her home state during the 2016 wildfires by hosting a telethon. She also donated $250,000 to help aid flood relief during the 2010 Nashville flood.

Several country stars, including Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Maren Morris and Dierks Bentley, have spoken about the tornado and shared their love for Tennessee and everyone impacted by the storm.

"Even if the tornado didn't hit our personal space, we are all affected because we are Nashvillians," Reba McEntire wrote on social media.

Trisha Yearwood spoke about the strength and resilience of Nashville and how Nashville neighbors come together to help their own.

"This community comes together to take care of its own," she wrote. "So proud to be part of the family we call Nashville. All of our love and strength to those who have lost so much.

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Dolly Parton Shares Message With Those Affected by Tennessee Tornado: 'We're All With You'