‘Jolene’ Becomes a Haunting Ballad When Played at 33 RPM

We all know and love Dolly Parton's incredible hit song "Jolene." But you've probably never heard it like this before.

Dolly fans have discovered the track takes on a completely different vibe if you spin it on a record player at 33 rpm. That's a 25 percent slower speed than it's meant to be played. While that may sound like a minor change, the difference in the recording is remarkable. Listen for yourself.

Freaky, right? Parton's sweet voice now sounds deep and incredibly haunting. It's honestly a fitting sort of twist, since the ballad is filled with emotion, anger and hurt. Of course, both this trick and video have been around for a few years. But the recording was recently shared by Parton herself through her Facebook page, bringing it to a whole new generation of listeners.

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So, what do you think? Is this folkier, deep-voiced version more your speed, or does the original still reign supreme? Whatever you decide, this video is great example of just how important a musician's style is. A song is just a song, but it never really comes to life without the right singer, the right sound and the right time.

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‘Jolene’ Becomes a Haunting Ballad When Played at 33 RPM