Dolly Parton Gives 7-Year-Old Actress’ the Surprise of Her Life


On MondayDolly Parton made a surprise announcement to seven-year-old Alyvia Lind on The Today Show. Lind thought she was meeting with casting executives to discuss her possible role in Parton's upcoming TV movie Coat of Many Colors, which will be based around Parton's hit song of the same title.

To Lind's surprise, Dolly Parton herself entered the room and informed her that she had been chosen to play the role of "Little Dolly" in the upcoming movie. Her reaction was priceless as she was taken back in amazement of the news. Parton then shared with Lind what made her the right girl for the role. "We auditioned some great little girls but you just had that special thing," Parton said to Lind.

The film is the first of a series of standalone movies based on different stories from Parton's life. As the movie brings viewers inside the Parton family life, fans can witness the incredible strength of a loving family as they endure hardships yet discover the power of faith and strength.

Dolly Parton and Sam Haskell with Magnolia Hill Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television will serve as executive producers on the movie project. A release date has not been announced.

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Dolly Parton Gives 7-Year-Old Actress’ the Surprise of Her Life