Dolly Parton Dreams of Telling Her Life Story on Broadway

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Dolly Parton is the reigning queen of country music, storytelling, hair, humor, charm, and well, let's face it, pretty much everything. So why wouldn't she be the queen of Broadway?

She has a busy schedule in 2016 with the upcoming Pure & Simple Tour, a double-disc release and the promise of telling the audience plenty of life stories. But the 70-year-old Dolly Parton still has a pretty hefty bucket list. As she puts it, "I've got buckets on both sides."

In a recent interview for Paper Magazine, Parton shared that one of her most treasured dreams is seeing her life retold as a musical.

Move over, Wicked. The real story of girl power, success and resilience might be coming to depose you one day. Parton has already written the music and lyrics for a bewitching Broadway musical revamp of the classic 1980 movie 9 to 5.

And in true Dolly style, that show garnered four Tony Awards nominations in 2009 after it opened to fanfare. This short preview is a little teaser of Parton's knack for writing Broadway hits:

Parton notes in her Paper interview that a project like making a Broadway show, "just takes a lot of time sometimes." So there's still the hope of getting to geek out over Dolly on Broadway. Someday.

For now, the Pure & Simple album and tour will have to keep everyone satisfied.

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Dolly Parton Dreams of Telling Her Life Story on Broadway