Dolly Parton Dishes on Being Compared to Donald Trump

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Do country legend Dolly Parton and controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump have something in common? Kenny Rogers thinks so.

The Country Music Hall of Fame member surprised many when he compared the “Coat of Many Colors” singer to Trump during an appearance last year at her Dollywood theme park.

“You know where you are with her at all times. She has no filter,” Rogers told the audience at his September 2015 appearance. “She has become the Donald Trump of country music.”

The rather strange comparison made headlines, but never drew a response from his longtime friend and musical collaborator. Now that Trump is leading the polls and Parton is gearing up for the release of a new album and her biggest tour in 25 years, she’s addressing the comments head-on.

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“Does [Rogers] mean my hair or my money?” Parton joked to Rolling Stone Country. “Me and Donald kind of have the same hair. He could have meant that, too. Lord, knowing Kenny, I don’t know what he meant, but he does talk about the fact that I just say whatever is on my mind.”

Whatever your political beliefs may be, I think we can all appreciate Parton’s bubbly and unfiltered personality. Her new album, Pure and Simple, is set for release later this year. You can find out more about her new LP and upcoming tour dates at her official website.


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Dolly Parton Dishes on Being Compared to Donald Trump