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10 Dollar Store Hacks That Will Make Your Home Beautiful on a Budget


The dollar store tends to get a bad rap, but it's an unspoken fact that we all shop there from time to time. Where else are you going to get greeting cards for fifty cents? Or Halloween decorations that won't break the bank? There's always one nearby, too. Whether it's a Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or Dollar General, there's usually a discount store close to every neighborhood.

Sure, "you get what you pay for" is usually a true statement, but the dollar store can be an untapped repository of creative potential for anyone wanting to decorate their home without spending Pottery Barn prices. For those of us who are thrifty and crafty, check out these 10 dollar store hacks that will make your home beautiful without spending tons of cash.

Succulent Planter

Left: Dollar Store Succulent Planter / Right: West Elm Succulent Planter Images via Craftberry Bush

Succulents are a fantastic indoor plant because they don't require much work, and they don't take up much real estate on your bookshelf. You can make this succulent planter using Dollar Tree bowls and glasses, along with some rocks and moss. Total cost: $8.

Photo Frame Lantern

Left: Dollar Store Lantern Image via Do it on a Dollar/ Right: Afloral Lantern Image via Afloral

Lanterns are hugely popular right now, but even a cheap one will run you somewhere in the range of $40. You can make your own, though using picture frames from your local discount store. This photo frame lantern is simple and easy to put together. When you're working on projects like these, make sure that you always use glue that is meant for glass, like loctite glass glue or E-6000. Total cost: $4.


Cupcake Stand

Left: Dollar Store Cupcake Stand Image via Lindsay Ann Bakes / Right: Amazon Cupcake Stand Image via Amazon

All you need to make an adorable cupcake stand is two glass plates and two glass candleholders. You can also use plastic chargers, which you can get at Dollar Tree, inc. Here's a great tutorial on how to make a cute cupcake stand. If you choose to spray paint them, you'll need to hand wash them and use paper doilies to protect food from the painted surface. Total cost: $6.

Mirror Art

Left: Dollar Store Mirror Art Image via Naptime Decorator / Right: Mirror Art Image via

Figuring out what to do with a big, blank wall is always a tough decision. However, by combining 12 small mirrors like these ones from Dollar General, you can make a large piece of mirror art that is both beautiful and functional. Also, adding mirrors in your decor helps your home appear larger. Total cost: $12.

Ping Pong Ball Globe Lights

Top: Dollar Store Lights Image via Authentically Marie / Bottom: Globe Lights Image via

It's a well-kept secret that you can get some astounding deals on party supplies at the dollar store. These ping pong ball globe lights are a snap to make and they would look fabulous at your next back yard barbecue. Total cost: $17.

Fishbowl Makeup Brush Holder

Left: Dollar Store makeup brush holder Image via DIY to Make / Right: Amazon makeup brush holder Image via Amazon

Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than a beautifully organized home. This fishbowl makeup brush holder is an inexpensive and beautiful way to keep your makeup brushes both clean and organized. Total cost: $2.


Decorative Balls

Left: Dollar Store Decorative Balls Image via Craftriver / Right: Wild Orchid Decorative Balls Image via Wild Orchid

These decorative balls are made with thumbtacks stuck into styrofoam, and they can do double duty as year-round decor in a bowl on the table, or string them up for use as Christmas decorations. Total cost: $2 per ball.

Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

Left: Dollar Store Rubber Mat Image via Salvage Dior / Right: Wrought Iron Wall Decor Image via Houzz

These rubber door mats found at Family Dollar become gorgeous wall art when you add a touch of spraypaint. By leaving a little bit of brown on the mat, you'll end up with a weathered look that is perfect for a shabby chic home. Total cost: $10.

Flower Monogram

Left: Dollar Store Flower Monogram Image via Decoist / Right: Etsy Flower Monogram Image via Etsy

Did you know you can get fake flowers at the Dollar Tree? Well now you know. This flower monogram craft project is super cute, easy and makes a beautiful piece of decor. Total cost: $5 - $7.

Faux Metallic Fruit

Left: Dollar Store Fruit Image via We Can Package / Right: Pottery Barn Fruit Image via Pottery Barn

Those metallic fruit bowls you see at places like Pottery Barn can be replicated with some discount store fake fruit and a can of high-gloss metallic spray paint. You could also use mirror paint to create a finish that looks like mercury glass, without the price tag. Total cost: $10.


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