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10 TikTok Dollar Store DIYs You Have to Try This Fall

Why buy when you can DIY?

Crafting used to be something we did out of necessity. When you couldn't afford the brand-new stuff in the store, the next best thing was to make it from scratch with items you already owned. But, like all activities that used to be wholesome and fun, do-it-yourself is no longer an act of rebel creativity but a billion-dollar industry.

Commercializing DIY means most of the tutorials you'll see today involve expensive tools and materials that somehow end up costing you more than what you would have paid for the same item in a store. It's a massive scam on so many levels — except when you source your supplies from the Dollar Store.

While even the Dollar Store isn't safe from inflation, it's still a heck of a lot more budget-friendly than the other places. You won't find all of your typical crafting supplies there, but what you will find are aisles of potential canvases that you can transform into something wholly your own. And nothing is more evident of that than their fall decor.

Pinterest is still the top dog in terms of crafty DIYs, but TikTok is giving the platform a run for its money regarding Dollar Store projects. So if you're looking to get crafty this season without breaking the bank, we've rounded up the best TikTok-approved Dollar Store DIYs that anyone can do.

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