Visit This Spooky Georgia Trail Lined with Rotting Doll Heads...If You Dare

If you're looking for a creepy activity this Halloween season, the Doll's Head Trail in Atlanta, Georgia might be for you. Trust me, you've never been on a hike with such a spooky scene. If the name didn't give it away, it's exactly how it sounds. The trail is lined with terrifying, rotting doll heads.

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Another creepy doll...

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Dekalb County, Georgia purchased what was once an abandoned area in 2003 and filled it with trails and boardwalks for the public to explore. The trail decor full of dolls was an addition created by Joel Slaton, a local carpenter who saw potential in all of the old junk that was laying around Constitution Lakes Park. So while it might seem like it's straight out of a horror film, it actually served an important function for the area. 

Hikers are able to create their own creepy art pieces as well, as long as they use other "found objects" in the park. There are plenty of old doll parts, bricks from the old 19th-century brick factory that used to be onsite, and more. If you are at all interested in picking up a rotting old doll and fashioning it to a decaying appliance, there you go.

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Haunting Season

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So while the scene along the hiking trail can be somewhat unsettling, it's also pretty interesting that they were able to clean up the site and turn it into a spooky art exhibit of sorts. How many cities can claim that? As long as you go in the daylight hours with other people around, it's definitely worth the visit.

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Don’t Drink & Text & Drive

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To stop at one of the most quirky hikes you'll ever go on, you'll head to 1305 South River Industrial Boulevard in Atlanta. Just make sure you bring a friend! Unless you're brave enough to face the Doll Head Trail completely alone...

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Visit This Spooky Georgia Trail Lined with Rotting Doll Heads...If You Dare