This Dog’s Attempt to Find Owner in Field Is Too Cute


The moment you realize you can’t spot your dog after he or she takes off at the dog park can feel unbearably helpless.

And when you finally do spot your pup, sometimes you have to deal with a tremendous amount of coaxing to get him or her back on the leash. More likely than not, your four-legged friend will be distracted by other dogs and their owners.

But for this owner, her energetic pup did the grunt work by using all his energy to make sure she could spot him.

In the video, you see Alfie, a Springer Spaniel, running through some incredibly tall grass trying to find his caretaker. The dog rapidly powers through the field, goofily jumping up and down to catch a glimpse of his owner. The sight is a hilarious one as Alfie’s giant ears and tongue flop in the wind with every jump.

Alfie’s hilariously cute efforts give a brand new spin on the term “prairie dog”.

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This Dog’s Attempt to Find Owner in Field Is Too Cute