Dog Thanks Texas Firefighter with Huge Kiss After Harrowing Flood Rescue

A grateful canine showed his appreciation to a brave firefighter after being saved from ravaging floodwaters.

Duke the Belgian Malinois and his owner Edward Emmerich were homeless and living in an encampment under a bridge in McKinney, Texas when they found themselves in crisis. As their makeshift shelter became overwhelmed by floodwaters, Emmerich called 911 with the hopes of quickly being rescued by first responders. Rescuers were able to ping cell phone towers to find his location just in time.

When rescuers arrived, they had to work fast to retrieve Emmerich and his beloved companion. "I poked over the guard rail and saw a dog," photographer Michael O'Keefe, who witnessed the entire ordeal, told NBC DFW. That's literally all I saw at first was the dog standing on water. Turns out he was standing on the shoulders of the gentleman that was his owner."

The two had to be hoisted to safety from the top of the bridge. Emmerich clutched onto Duke as he was pulled upwards by first responders. Once the pair was brought to safety, Duke made sure that his rescuer knew just how much he appreciated his efforts.

"His feet hit the ground and he almost instantly went towards the firefighter that had saved him, jumped all over him, licked all over him," O'Keefe explained. "It was real touching to watch."

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Dog Thanks Texas Firefighter with Huge Kiss After Harrowing Flood Rescue