Reckless Dogs Crash Car into Walmart

Patrons at a Walmart in West Virginia were part of quite a show when a car came crashing through the building with a dog in the driver's seat this past Sunday.

According to WSAZ, an eye witness says she was walking through the parking lot when the incident happened. The car came rolling slowly toward her. At first she thought it might have been someone she knew playing a joke. Then when the car came close enough she could see a terrier behind the wheel.

The woman moved quickly out of the way before the car went crashing into the store. The terrier then rolled down the window to reveal another dog in the passenger seat. Both were unharmed.

The store paged the owner of the vehicle who turned out to be a woman in her 70's. She left the car running to keep the dogs cool while she was in the store. Inadvertently, the dog took the car out of park and went along for the ride.

According to a Walmart employee there was minimal damage to the store. The car seems to have had minimal damage as well as the woman was still able to drive home after the crash.

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Reckless Dogs Crash Car into Walmart