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Dr. Jill Biden Shares President Joe Biden Has Never Cooked For Her

Joe, how could you?

According to Dr. Jill Biden, the former vice president is great at a lot of things except cooking. Talking with Rachael Ray on her show in 2015, Dr. Jill Biden spoke about how then Democratic Vice President Joe Biden had never cooked a meal for her. Really Joe? You've never cooked your wife a nice dinner?

Incoming First Lady Shares Husband Joe Biden Can't Cook

"He can make pasta but with the jar," Dr. Jill shares with Rachael Ray as they cook together on the set of her talk show.

According to her memoir released in 2019, Dr. Jill Biden shared "Food is love," a saying she's held for many years. "Dinner became a tradition and a hub for our family," she wrote, noting she would prepare dinner for Joe's two young sons while the recently widowed senator would commute from Wilmington, Delaware to Washington D.C. "Just as it had been for mine, and it was a constant the boys could depend upon."

While in the White House during President Barack Obama's term, Jill and Michelle Obama would sometimes splurge on a martini and some french fries together. Joe Biden, not a drinker, stuck to ice cream milkshakes noting to the New York Times in 2008 that "there are enough alcoholics in my family."

Now that the Bidens are heading back to the White House, what can we expect to see at the dinner table? Current president Donald Trump loves to indulge in fast food, at times presenting huge spreads of fast food to guests.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, usual large gatherings are halted, which means big dinners are out of the question for the incoming President. Maybe he can spend the time learning how to cook from his wife or incoming Vice President Kamala Harris who is known for her amazing cooking skills.

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