Doctor Shuts Down Workplace's Ridiculous Sick Policy with Legendary Note

While most businesses allot sick days to their employees, some still require doctor's notes to excuse work absences.

Flu season is upon us and businesses are on notice. The number of sick days taken will likely jump in the coming months as the weather continues to cool. So, when you do have to get a doctor's note to justify a work absence, it's a pain. Its a time consuming process that wastes everyone's time involved.

One doctor in particular found the process to be particularly pointless. Now, that fed-up doc's letter has quickly become a legendary Reddit post.

When the employee of an unnamed company chose to take work off due to a cold, their employers balked. They company required a doctor's note excusing the work absence, rather than simply accepting the sick claim. So, when the employee went to get their doctor's note, the doc penned the perfect response.

doctor's note

The doctor included facts such as not having "a test for the common cold and therefore believe him/her." The note goes on to say, "however, you feel his time and mine should be wasted by making him sit in a clinic for hours."

Basically, the doctor went in, taking no prisoners when putting the employer in their place. All things considered, the cherry on top came at the very end of the letter. "Surely there are better ways of wasting your tax dollars," he wrote.

Talk about a first degree burn, and from a doctor no less.

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Doctor Shuts Down Workplace's Ridiculous Sick Policy with Legendary Note