Music Video Takes You on Tour of the Best of 1960’s Austin

Having lived here for the past 14 years, I can say with certainty that, aside from being proud of being weird, there’s nothing Austinites love more than talking about the Austin of days gone by. Well, this music video goes further back than I can claim to remember with only my 32 years on this earth and decade and a half residence in the Capital City.

Written by Gregg Ronald Geil and sung by Carlos Machiste, “Do You Remember Austin (Back in the Good Old Days)” is a swinging, mid-tempo country song that life-long Austinites can really enjoy. The video lists local landmarks, restaurants, traditions and celebrities ranging from 1960-1995. The video is a compilation of still photos of life in Austin during the “good old days” that are mentioned in the song.

The singer references Cactus Pryor, the beloved radio and TV broadcaster who passed away in 2011. The song also recalls Kenneth Threadgill, Austin musician and patron of the early music scene in town, not to mention the founder of Threadgill’s.

Among the places the singer revisits are Bergstrom Air Force Base, which was closed in 1993, and the Chief Drive-In. The drive-in movie theater used to sit on the corner of Koenig and Lamar Boulevard, but has since been demolished.

The song references many things only long-term Austinites will remember, such as:

“Back before the Chronicle, we had the Austin Sun”


“Hippie flower sellers on streets all over town, and Sarah out at Dry Creek, can bring those bottles down.”


“The old airport with just six gates and an observation deck,” 

How many vintage Austin memories do you have?

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Music Video Takes You on Tour of the Best of 1960’s Austin