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How to Make Redneck Wine Glasses

Let's face it, wine glasses are overpriced, break at the slightest touch and don't even come with a lid.

All of those problems go away with the redneck wine glass. Also known as the country wine glass, these vessels serve as festive goblets for everything from beer and wine to decorations and snacks.

You can even seal up your favorite beverage to keep pests away at your next barbecue. These would be gorgeous at a country wedding or graduation party and only require some basic dollar store supplies.

We came up with a tutorial even a non-crafting person can master in about 10 minutes.

What You'll Need

  • Paper towel
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • 1 glass candlestick
  • 1 canning jar
  • E6000 glue

How to Put It Together

Wipe the top of the candlestick and the bottom of the mason jar clean with a little rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. This step cleans away any debris and prepares the area for the glue. Allow to dry completely.

Turn the mason jar upside down and place on a clean paper towel. Place the candlestick right side up on a paper towel and apply a thin, even line of the E6000 glue around the rim of the candle stick.

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Allow to the glue to sit for a moment. Place the rim of the candle stick onto the center of the bottom of the mason jar.

At this point you can position the candlestick so it sits perfectly at the center of the jar. Allow the glue to set for about 2 minutes before turning the wine glass right side up again.

Now you just wait for about 48 hours to allow the glue to dry and set completely before using your new goblet. You can remove any excess glue from the body of the goblet with a little acetone nail polish remover.

This video from EpicCraftHOWTO features in-depth instructions.

This article was originally published in 2016.

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