3 DIY Fruit Kegs that Will Be the Star of Summer Parties

Love crafts and cocktails? Then we've got the DIY you are going to flip your lid over. Rather than spend all your time doing home improvement diys, give yourself a refreshing treat with DIY fruit kegs. Fruit kegs were simply made for summer cocktails. Refreshing, boozy, and totally amazing, you need these at your next party.

Fruit kegs are the best of both worlds. They take the flavor of your favorite summer fruits, mix it into a cocktail, and let you tap it straight from the rind - no punch bowl required. Think cocktails served in fruit but on steroids.

And don't think for a minute you need to know anything about pouring craft beer from a draft system to set up one of these tasty beverages. All you need is a little help from this Buzzfeed Nifty video. They show you how to transform not only everyone's favorite summer fruit the watermelon into a keg, but also a pineapple and a melon. Take a look:

The perfect DIY cocktail mashup, fruit kegs are a blast. They put a fun twist into your cocktails and offer loads of entertainment - they also make a great gift. To make your next party a smash, let's break down how to tap each one and a tasty cocktail recipe you can pour straight from the rind.

1. Watermelon Keg with Vodka and Lime

We love watermelon kegs! They are the most popular fruit beverage dispenser for a reason, the size of the fruit and refreshing flavor make a perfect keg. And they are so easy to tap!

To start, you'll need a seedless watermelon. Cut the top and bottom so it can stand up like a keg, then scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Be sure when you cut the bottom not to slice through to the flesh otherwise it won't hold liquid. You can then take all that deliciousness and blend it up until it's turned into juice. You can opt for an immersion blender like they did here or use a good old-fashioned blender.

Now, for the keg. Using a coring tool, make a hole a few inches from the bottom. Then tap it! You can use a regular draft system tap for this or a stainless steel drink dispenser spout. Make sure it's completely secure so you don't have any leakage. Once that's finished it's cocktail time!

While there are a slew of amazing watermelon cocktails you can opt for, this citrusy vodka watermelon cocktail would be a smash at your next summer party. Simply load up the watermelon with ice, then strain the blended watermelon. Pour in some vodka, add some lime juice, give it a good stir, and fill'er up. We don't blame you either if you can't wait for a party and want to whip this up for your next lazy summer afternoon porch relaxation session.

FYI, if you really want to make life easy, you can purchase a watermelon keg tapping kit on Amazon for around $14 with Prime plus free shipping and store it with your other bar tools and bar accessories for easy access.

2. Pineapple Keg with Ginger, Rum, and Strawberries

Looking for something more tropical for your next cocktail party? Leave the watermelon on the plate and make a fruit keg out of a pineapple. Like the watermelon keg, you'll need to cut off the top and add a tap a few inches from the bottom. You can use the same fruit keg tapping kit as well.

Once your fruit is tapped, it's time to whip up a tropical cocktail. Using the sweet pineapple you hollowed out, slice it up and freeze it with some strawberries. The cool thing about this is it acts like ice, preventing the cocktail from getting watered down. Add that back into the pineapple and top it off with pineapple juice, ginger ale, and everyone's favorite summertime liquor, rum. Place the pineapple top back on for the final touch and your keg is all set!

Can you imagine what your friends will think when they see this on your home bar? I have a feeling it will be the talk of the evening.

3. Cantaloupe Keg with Lemon, Vodka, and Fresh Basil

If you really want to go all out, then try the new member to the team, the cantaloupe keg. Imagine how much better those family reunions, backyard summer parties, or summer weddings would be with this melon ball.

Like the other two, this one is a synch to make. Cut off the top and bottom like the watermelon keg, and scoop out the flesh. Make a hole a few inches from the bottom then insert a tap.

For the cocktail, you'll want to blend the flesh of the fruit with an immersion blender and strain it back into the hollowed out rind. Make sure you add the ice first or you may wind up with a bit of a mess. From there, pour in some fresh lemon juice, vodka, and a few leaves of basil. Sweet, fresh, and insanely delicious, you won't look at cantaloupe the same.

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