Are the Dixie Chicks Planning a U.S. Tour?

The Dixie Chicks are gearing up for a big European tour, but do they have their sights set on coming back to America sooner than later?

Natalie Maines had a surprising response to a fan's question on Twitter about the group's future touring plans. The fan asked if Maines was "ready to play nice" and tour the United States again with fellow members Martie Maguire and Emily Robison. The singer responded with a playful tweet that hinted at an upcoming return to the stage in their home country.  "I'll never make nice," Maines teased, "but I will tour the states again;)"

After the band encountered a huge controversy due to comments made by Maines about then-President Bush and the Iraq war in 2003, they've shied away from any large-scale tours in the States. The group returned to the touring scene for a six-date European tour earlier this year, and recently added new dates for 2016 in Amsterdam, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. Their return comes almost a decade after their last album, Taking the Long Way, was released.

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Although Maines' comments don't offer a guarantee that American fans will once again get to see the band back out on the road, it's the strongest evidence from the group so far that they're planning a comeback. Until a more official announcement, fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed.

For more information on the Dixie Chicks' upcoming European tour dates, visit their official website.

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Are the Dixie Chicks Planning a U.S. Tour?