Ditch the Stove and Start Grilling Corn Like This

It’s summer time, which means corn fields are bustling with fresh, golden ears of goodness. With a variety of corn readily available at grocery stores and farmer’s markets, you’re sure to find plentiful ears of your favorite side dish vegetable.

Growing up, you probably remember having that huge pot of boiling water on the stove. Who knew all that time there was a better (and more economical) way to cook corn?

Grilling corn has become a tasty trend giving a delicious smoky flavor that just can’t be beaten. You won’t ever want to go back to boiling. Here’s how to grill corn on the cob:

1. Find the perfect ear of corn.

Corn comes in different sizes and varieties. Field corn, which is grown on many farms in the Midwest and south, is typically not as sweet as its counterpart – sweet corn. However, field corn can be grilled with a little added sugar.

Look for a big, round corn cob. You should slightly pull the husk back to ensure the kernels fill the cob most of the way to the tip. You can do this without harming the husk or the ear and kernels. Remember, the husk is keeping the moisture in after harvest.

2. Prepare the corn.

Freshly picked farm corn cob with nice green and yellow color

Peel a large portion of the husk off the cob, leaving a few layers for protection. You don’t want to see through the remaining husk, but having too much green left on will keep the hot fire from penetrating to the kernels.

3. Prepare the grill.

Flickr/Chris Kelley
Flickr/Chris Kelly

As soon as the initial flames die down on the grill, it’s ready for the corn. Place the ears around the grill without crowding them. Corn is forgiving when it comes to heat and flames; but you do want to be sure they have plenty of room.

4. Rotate corn.

Keep turning the ears until their outer layers are completely charred. This could take anywhere from 5-10 minutes on the hotter portion of the grill. Once you have them charred, you can move them over to cook the main dish – like that big, juicy steak!

5. Brown the kernels.

Flickr/Michael Dorausch
Flickr/Michael Dorausch

Just before you’re ready to serve up the corn, pull the last husks back and give the ears one last turn. This time around, brown the kernels. Opening up the husks too soon will dry the kernels out; so be careful not to do this before you’re ready to eat.

6. Enjoy!

Grilled corn cobs on paper over rustic table

Dress the corn any way you like. Try butter or olive oil for a healthier choice. Add lime-cayenne pepper, sea salt or my favorite – jalapeño salt!

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Ditch the Stove and Start Grilling Corn Like This