Distinctly Southern Names to Add to Your Baby List

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Trying to come up with classically Southern names for your baby-on-the-way? Southern baby names can be both classic and timeless, and trendy and unique. From ultra-feminine or masculine monikers, to unisex names that ooze western appeal, these names never go out of style.

Musical Names

A popular trend among baby names lately is looking to music for inspiration.

For boys: Try names like Cash, Conway, Ringo, and Waylon.

For girls: Choose names like Dolly, Clementine, Emmylou and Lucinda.

Classic Novel-Inspired Names

Names inspired by classic novels or movies are also a good pick because they have a classic feel that southerners love.

For boys: Names like Atticus, Butch, Flint, Huck, Rhett and Wyatt are both unique and distinctly southern.

For girls: Daisy, Dahlia and Scarlett are classy and elegant options.

Location-Inspired Names

Another on-trend tip for naming babies that people from the South love is to turn cities and states below the Mason-Dixon into adorable baby names.

For boys: Consider Dallas, Macon or Montgomery.

For girls: Dixie, Georgia, Savannah and Virginia are all classically southern names.

There are a lot of options for unisex names here as well — think Austin, Raleigh and Tennessee.

Classic Southern Names

Some names you’re just bound to find more often in the South than anywhere else. These names have classic Southern charm.

For boys: Beau/Bo, Boone, Colt, Duke, Jed, Walker and Wiley.

For girls: Sweet and feminine names like Birdie, Cheyenne, Greer, Julep, Mae, Magnolia, Maribelle, Ruby and Talulah never go out of style.

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Distinctly Southern Names to Add to Your Baby List