Disabled Horse Creates Incredible Paintings that Raise Money for Veterans

After being forced to retire from competing in shows due to degenerative ligaments in his back legs, a 23-year-old horse in Idaho has found a second career as a painter. While the horse, Tuck, is disabled and unable to carry riders, he sure has a knack for art. Nancy Powers, the horse's owner, realized this when she noticed he liked to pick things up with his mouth.

Powers slowly began providing sketch pads and easels for Tuck to play with. Gripping a paintbrush took practice, but he quickly took a liking to painting.

"Tuck has a very good eye. He's a very tactile-sensory horse," Nancy told People about her beloved animal. Below is an example of one of Tuck's abstract works. 

Facebook/Tuck, The Painting Horse of the West
Facebook/Tuck, The Painting Horse of the West

Pretty impressive, eh? Due to public interest, Nancy began selling the horse's paintings. Furthermore, she decided to give half of the proceeds from Tuck's paintings to Ride For Joy, a horse riding program that assists disabled veterans. The remaining proceeds are for art supplies. 

According to Facebook, Nancy refers to Tuck as "the horse with a disability helping humans with a disability." Take a look at Tuck's artistic skills in action in the video below.

As you can see, Powers first preps the canvases with a layer of background paint. Then, Tuck goes to town with his brush. What a great idea for a great cause. Tuck has completed around 100 paintings and raised over $3,500 for Ride for Joy.

"Thanks to Nancy and Tuck's generous and passionate support, we've so far helped 15 veterans to begin healing," said one of Ride for Joy's director, Cathy Strange. Ride for Joy use horses to help veterans increase confidence, decrease anxiety and begin healing.

For more information, visit Tuck's official website.

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Disabled Horse Creates Incredible Paintings that Raise Money for Veterans