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This Couple's Offensive Tipping 'Trick' is Going Viral

Social media users are up in arms after a couple shared their rather unkind "trick" to getting good service at a restaurant.

Earlier this week, Facebook user Tyler Anne-marie shared a screenshot of another user's so-called tipping "trick." Basically, you lay five dollar bills out on the table. Whenever the wait staff makes a mistake, you take one dollar away. When you get ready to pay your bill, you leave whatever is left on the table as the tip.

It didn't take long before the post start receiving comments saying that this practice is extremely rude and insulting to any server.

It's important to note that the wait staff at any restaurant are grossly underpaid. Playing with their tips in this manner is cruel and hurts their livelihood. Besides, who can really justify giving a waiter only $5 after waiting on two people? Regardless of the restaurant you are dining at, this amount is usually much less than the minimum 20% standard tip.

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Hopefully, these people have learned their lesson. The "tip" is quickly circling through the internet and picking up angry followers everywhere it shows up. Next time, maybe the posters will keep their dining "tips" to themselves!

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This Couple's Offensive Tipping 'Trick' is Going Viral