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The Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Las Vegas for the Ultimate Feast

Dim sum is a delicious Chinese tradition that's eaten all over the world. The meal is composed of small plates of dishes, featuring veggies, seafood and meat, and typically comes with tea. Similar to a tapas-style meal, dim sum is usually eaten by a group who shares all of the dishes, often around brunch time. Although Las Vegas is known for its casinos and entertainment venues, there are also delectable dim sum restaurants to enjoy in between the festivities.

Cantonese dim sum originated in the 19th century in southern China, and the tradition eventually spread to Hong Kong and then became popular worldwide. It began as a way for travelers and traders of the Silk Road to take breaks. They would go to tea houses and enjoy plates of snacks as they relaxed. As the travelers continued on, they spread the practice throughout the region, and it gained popularity as more and more people discovered it.

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Las Vegas is a far cry from the Silk Road in 19th century China, but it's an equally ideal place to enjoy a meal of dim sum. For those new to dim sum, it can be overwhelming to know what to order. The good news is, it's hard to go wrong! Some of the most popular dishes are BBQ pork buns, soup dumplings, shumai, rice noodle rolls, and chicken feet. To experience these dishes while in Las Vegas, check out the 9 best dim sum restaurants in the city.

1. Orchids Garden Chinese Restaurant

This Dim Sum restaurant is the place to go for amazing dim sum when in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's served every day, so you can enjoy it on a weekday afternoon or a hungover Sunday morning. Try the pork shiu mai, shrimp har gow, and chicken feet.

2. Hong Kong Garden Seafood & Dim Sum Cafe

Another dependable delicious option is Hong Kong Garden Seafood & Dim Sum Cafe. The best part about this beloved restaurant is that it features 300 dishes to choose from, from classic Chinese cuisine to more Americanized options for those new to this food tradition. Some of the most popular dishes are fish filet congee, turtle soup, frog congee, and Chinese doughnuts.

3. Ping Pang Pong

Along with having a name you want to say over and over, Ping Pang Pong on Flamingo St. offers authentic and scrumptious dim sum. The BBQ pork buns are amazing, along with the shrimp cakes and steamed pork ribs. This Chinese restaurant only serves dim sum from 10 am to 3 pm, so plan your visit accordingly.

4. Yum Cha

Yum Cha on W Tropicana Ave gives the opportunity to enjoy tasty dim sum along with a variety of Chinese teas. Yum cha means "drink tea" in Chinese, so this tasty Las Vegas dim sum restaurant lives up to its name. Try the baked coconut bun or the BBQ pork bun to enjoy with your tea.

5. New Asian BBQ

New Asian BBQ gives visitors a unique experience, with roving carts full of extra options to enjoy with your meal. These are only there at lunchtime, so make sure to come then if you're looking to experience the carts. Enjoy soup dumplings, shrimp-stuffed eggplant and fried wontons, and don't be too shocked if you see ducks hanging in the front window of the restaurant.

6. Chang's Hong Kong Cuisine

Chang's is the spot for classic dim sum, proclaimed by some to be the best dim sum outside of China. Known for its high quality and great service, Chang's is a great place to recharge between your Las Vegas adventures, much like the travelers of the Silk Road did back in the 19th century! Try the shrimp fried rice, crispy fried noodle and egg custard.

7. Red 8 Asian Bistro

Red 8 Asian Bistro is another Las Vegas dim sum restaurant that is consistently voted one of the best in the city. While it has plenty of tasty meat options, it's also known for having a great vegetarian selection, from the pumpkin pan-fried dim sum to the cashew chickn. Enjoy your meal with a Thai coffee boba.

8. Noodles

Noodles is ideal for a late-night dim sum feast, as it's open until 2 am. Dim sum is only served on the weekends, so make sure to squeeze a visit in between casinos. Although Noodles is more expensive than some, it's also not overly pricy and well worth it for the copious amounts of delectable dim sum dishes you'll enjoy.

9. China Poblano

Reviews of China Poblano say that its dim sum is as good as the best options in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, which is a high compliment! The best part about China Poblano is that it serves both dim sum and tacos, allowing customers to have the best of both worlds in a meal that spans cultures. Try to sit at the counter to watch the chefs make tasty pork sui mai and har gau.

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