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Dill Pickle Dip Is Here to Turn Everything into Something Dill-lightful

Pucker up, pickle fans. Heluva Good is offering a limited edition release of its Dill Pickle Dip here in the United States. If you love dill pickles, this is the dip for you. It's creamy and sour, with plenty of garlic powder, dill weed, and even a bit of mustard to kick the bite up a few notches.

A favorite dip of our  friends to the north in Canada, Heluva Good hasn't offered the dip here in the U.S. until now. Check out their product finder to see which grocery stores in your area have this pickle lovers' dream.

dill pickle dip

Heluva Good!

Heluva Good suggests pairing Dill Pickle Dip with a smooth and crisp IPA; we concur, though we think a pickle juice cocktail might be good, too. And we also have a few suggestions of our own on how to use what might just be our new favorite dip.

1. Dill Pickle Dip with a Crudité Tray

Yes, you could put out a cream cheese ball or sour cream and ranch dip out with your veggie tray, but why not mix it up? Dill pickle dip goes with pretty much any vegetable you can put on a tray: carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, and cucumbers (of course).

2. Spread for Sandwiches and Hamburgers

A kosher dill pickle is a traditional accompaniment to sandwiches and hamburgers, so build that flavor right into the main dish. Think roast beef on rye. A really amazing grilled cheese on pumpernickel.

You absolutely must try it on a Cubano (Cuban pressed ham and cheese that always has pickles on it). And then, there's the hamburger. No doubt about it, pickle dip is a great recipe for your own gourmet hamburger at home.

3. Frickles

dill pickle dip

Wide Open Eats

Okay, yes, you can obviously pair potato chips with dill pickle dip and it would be really tasty. But why go with the obvious? Fried pickles—frickles—are a perfect choice to set out with this creamy dip, especially for serious pickle fans. Serve this combo at a party and you'll be the most popular host in the neighborhood.

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