Dierks Bentley Shares Special Connection With Fan Over ‘Riser’

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When Gihee Chang handed a letter to a security guard during a recent Dierks Bentley concert, she wasn’t sure it would ever make it to the country singer. In the letter, the fan revealed her very personal connection with Bentley’s song, “Riser”.

“Mr. Bentley, I cried the first time I heard your song ‘Riser,'” the letter said. “I’ve never had that reaction from a song. The lyrics reminded me so much of my dad.”

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Chang went on to describe how her father had immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea and worked hard most of his life to help provide for his family.

“My dad has Alzheimer’s now. He can barely speak, and his once strong body is now frail. But in my eyes, he is still a ‘Riser.'”

The heartfelt letter made it from the security guard, to whom Chang gave it, and into Bentley’s hands. The artist was so moved by her story that he invited her backstage before his concert in Fresno, Calif.

“The night that I got that it was my dad’s birthday,” Bentley explained. “I was in San Diego. My dad would’ve been 92. Reading a story about her father and all he did to provide a better life for his children – and it was a passionate, moving letter.”

It was a touching moment for both Chang and Bentley, who will both hold the song “Riser” close to their hearts for the rest of their lives. Witness it, below.

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Dierks Bentley Shares Special Connection With Fan Over ‘Riser’