Dierks Bentley Explains Why His Nashville Bar Still Hasn't Opened

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Fans have been waiting years for Dierks Bentley's Nashville bar to open, and they're going to keep on waiting. Bentley is set on getting it done right.

He's been working on Whiskey Row Bar and Restaurant for four years. That's a long time, but Bentley isn't bothered by the longterm project. Instead, he's putting more emphasis on quality.

At a recent party, Bentley discussed just why the bar has taken him so long. "We're really just trying to take our time to make sure we got it done right and make it a place that's not just selling beer and getting people in and out," Bentley explained to CMT.

That approach seems to be paying off for the singer. His Whiskey Row bars in Arizona have gotten great reviews and continue to draw thousands each year.

The challenge of creating a unique country bar in Nashville is enormous, making the four-year wait understandable. Bentley won't be satisfied with status quo. He's hoping that Whiskey Row Nashville will have its own unique vibe.

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For fans who can't wait, the end (rather, the opening) is in sight. Per Whiskey Row's website, the bar will be open in September. After a four year wait, you can expect a huge grand opening celebration to come.

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Dierks Bentley Explains Why His Nashville Bar Still Hasn't Opened