See Dierks Bentley and Elle King’s New ‘Different for Girls’ Video

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Dierks Bentley and Elle King narrate the aftermath of a breakup in their cinematic new video for “Different for Girls.”

Bentley’s latest album, Black, is filled with sometimes painfully blunt and honest story songs about relationships. “Different for Girls” tackles the differences of what men and women do (and are expected to do) after ending a relationship. In the video, we see a former couple who handle the breakup in very different ways.

The song has been criticized for being too generalized and somewhat sexist in its description of women and men. Sure, plenty of women deal with heartbreak by hooking up with someone else.

Still, “Different for Girls” is one of the few country songs out there that dares to talk about these reactionary differences between sexes without praise or contempt. Bentley simply lays it out on the table, and lets the listener decide for themselves.

The video continues the black-and-white themed series of videos for “I’ll Be The Moon,” “What the Hell Did I Say,” “Pick Up” and “Black.” The four-part visual story, which followed the eventual demise of a love triangle, was released to help promote the release of Black.

Bentley can currently be seen on tour across the country through the end of September. A full list of tour dates is available at his official website.

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See Dierks Bentley and Elle King’s New ‘Different for Girls’ Video