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See Dierks Bentley's Gorgeous New Video for 'Black'


The official new music video for Dierks Bentley's "Black" accomplishes a rare feat. It makes the song even better.

Now, "Black" is already a strong tune off the singer's recent release of the same name. But every now and then, a video so perfectly captures the song's emotion that watching it actually gives even more meaning to the track.

And that's exactly what Bentley and his wife Cassidy accomplish in the video. The husband and wife took a long trip and traveled to Iceland for the incredible scenery captured in the four-minute clip.

Bentley starts out in plane wreckage on a gorgeously desolate black sand beach. Suddenly, the beautiful "lady in black" (played by Cassidy) catches his eye. Bentley soon follows her across gorgeous landscapes as intimate romantic imagery intersperses the video. Really, it's quite breathtaking.


The video fits the mood of Black (the album's title track) which Bentley calls a bit of a concept album.

The record traces the ups and downs of a long-term relationship.And knowing real-life wife Cassidy plays a central role in the video really helps the impact. The plane wreckage seems to symbolize a call-back to previously carefree songs like "Drunk on a Plane."

And while Bentley's first video for the album's lead single "Somewhere on a Beach" is worth a chuckle, "Black" captivates and mesmerizes. Between the idyllic scenery and the on-screen passion, the video achieves exactly what Bentley and company set out to achieve. It's country music come to life.

Bentley's longtime director, Nashville-based Wes Edwards, took the helm once again. Since 2012, the pair seem to create great work together. "Black" currently sits at No. 25 on the charts, but expect it to keep rising. Videos like this one should certainly help, too. The video has nearly 400,000 views in the two days since Bentley posted it on YouTube.

Dierks Bentley is currently on the road supporting Black with tour dates spanning into early May.

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