Dierks Bentley and Family Adopt Adorable New Puppy

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Longtime fans of Dierks Bentley were accustomed to seeing his beloved dog Jake constantly by his side. In July, Bentley shared the devastating news that Jake had passed away after a battle with cancer.

Since then, the country star and his three children have been trying to deal with the loss. Now, it seems Bentley has decided it's the right time to bring another pup into the family. Earlier today (Sept. 14), the star shared an Instagram video taken during a trip to the Nashville Humane Society.

our other dog george has been so lonesome since jake left us... thanks @nashvillehumane @HumaneSociety. need a name!

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In the clip, Dierks, his wife and two daughters introduce the world to their newest addition. Apparently, it only took about 10 minutes for the family to choose the pup. Now, there's just one more matter to attend to - picking a name.

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With a history of choosing names like Jake and George, I predict their new dog will likely have a simple but classy name. Although his daughter Evie accidentally calls the pup a boy in video, his parents quickly remind her that it's a girl. Does this mean the Bentleys will get extra creative with her name? We'll just have to wait until Dierks shares another doggy update before we know her official title.

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Dierks Bentley and Family Adopt Adorable New Puppy