Watch Dierks Bentley’s Sunny New Video for ‘Somewhere on a Beach’

Screengrab via YouTube

Dierks Bentley hits the sand and cheers on an unexpected romance in his lighthearted new video for “Somewhere on a Beach.”

There have been many country music videos that have used the dynamic of a supermodel-like female and a “unattractive” male to bring humor to the clip’s plot line. Bentley’s newest release follows that trend, showing a sad and anxiety-ridden male as he stumbles into the country star and some friends while visiting a exotic locale. Soon after, he meets a beautiful woman who unexpectedly sweeps him off his feet and into an epic romance.

Although humorous at times, the video manages not to fall into the sometimes painful to watch parody style that has been beaten into the ground by artists like Brad Paisley and Toby Keith. There’s no reason why these two characters shouldn’t be able to fall in love, which is backed by Bentley’s constant thumbs-up attitude throughout. Even when he teeters on the fluffier side of country, he still manages to keep the music from careening off the rails.

Much like the song itself, “Somewhere on a Beach” doesn’t take any big risks, but it’s still plenty enjoyable.

Click below to watch Dierks Bentley’s new video for “Somewhere on a Beach.”

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Watch Dierks Bentley’s Sunny New Video for ‘Somewhere on a Beach’