Did Kacey Musgraves Just Go Lavender?!

Kacey Musgraves is known for her young and fresh style that combines vintage flare with modern wear.

Over the past year, she's brought a lot of sparkle onstage with her bedazzled looks that put a new spin on traditional western attire. Now, she's trying out an even bolder look.

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Her fans flipped out when she posted the picture below on her Instagram, showing her with light purple hair.

Although it isn't as crazy of a move for pop stars to try out funky hues in their hair, it's not very common in the country world. It's also hard to tell if this look is actually just a wig, as she hasn't posted any other photos with her lavender locks. Either way, it's a cute hairstyle showcasing her fun and fearless personality.


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Did Kacey Musgraves Just Go Lavender?!