11 Cute and Stylish Deviled Egg Trays

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When it comes to appetizers, presentation is everything. Charcuterie plates are more enjoyable with a lovely display of cheese and meats artfully arranged around each other, and cupcakes taste better with a cute topping of frosting and sprinkles. My favorite dishes are the ones that involve a bit of artistic flair, like fruit tarts, where you get to arrange the fruit in an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

As fun as it is to use your creativity in the kitchen, some foods can seem a bit too straightforward to make into a work of art. Deviled eggs are one of my favorite appetizers, the combination of egg, mustard, mayonnaise, and seasonings like paprika is somehow addictingly delicious. However, you probably wouldn't choose deviled eggs for creative freedom, since they're pretty consistent in their appearance, and all that you can really change is the seasonings you add to the egg yolk. Fortunately, there are other ways to add your own touch to this appetizer.

Sometimes, the tray we use to serve can make the difference when it comes to presentation! These 11 deviled egg trays range from quirky and cute to elegant and stylish. If you're having your in-laws over and want to impress, go for the understated glass tray that'll make your table look as classy as can be. If you're going to a BBQ, the colorful options with little designs painted on are probably your better bet. Each of these 11 deviled egg trays provides a perfect touch of style to bring your deviled eggs to perfection.

1. Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Trays

These two Chef Buddy clear plastic trays have snap-on lids to make food storage simple. 10.875 x 10.875 in diameter, each has 18 wells for deviled eggs, plenty of room for a few batches. Nothing is better than serving classy hors d' oeuvres with minimal cleanup!

2. KooK Deviled Egg Dish

Made of white porcelain, the Kook deviled egg tray comes in the cute and charming shape of an egg! Fun and whimsical, this tray has 24 wells to fit the egg halves of your deviled eggs, so it's great for a double batch. One of Amazon's bestsellers, It's also dishwasher safe, great for easy cleanup. Currently available for one-day delivery, this 15.71 x 12.6 serving dish makes it easy to serve great food in style.

3. Mud Pie Egg and Oyster Serving Tray

This white ceramic deviled egg tray is reminiscent of an ice cube tray, with its long and narrow design. Unique to other serving trays and with dimensions of 19.5 x 2.75, this is an eggcellent choice to bring to potlucks and bbqs.

4. Anchor Hocking Presence Egg Plate

Designed with aesthetics in mind, the anchor hocking egg container is classy and stylish. 10" in diameter, this is made of clear glass and adds its own subtle flair to the table. This will fit right in at a dinner party or wine night!

5. Portmeirion Botanic Garden Devilled Egg Dish

This porcelain serving platter features a bouquet of lavender and pink flowers in the center, with little butterflies adorning the outer edges. This 12" egg holder has a hard glaze for durability and appearance, a beautiful and unique addition to your serve ware!

6. Mud Pie Bunny Deviled Egg Holder, Cream

This adorable serving tray is perfect for those who like cute decor, featuring a charming, pink-eared bunny and a carrot-themed serving fork.

7. Blue Rose Polish Pottery Country Meadow Egg Plate

This stoneware egg plate is made in Poland, perfect if you're looking for a rustic, authentic serving plate to present your deviled eggs in. Cream-colored with little flower designs adding a delicate touch, this adds the perfect flair to your deviled egg appetizer.

8. Crystal Clear Presence Serving Trays- Set of 3

A set of 3 the presence serving trays are great for a large potluck, perfect if you've made multiple batches of deviled eggs. If you're looking to serve a large group and brighten your meal, these colorful trays are the solution.

9. Casafina Stoneware Serveware Egg platter

This simple egg tray is perfect for a family get-together or cookout. With 24 trays, it fits two batches of deviled eggs. You can choose robin's egg blue, gray, red, or white to match the tablecloth and your other serving ware.

10. Fiesta Egg Tray

The fiesta tray lives up to its name, setting the stage for a fun, food-filled time with family and friends. It comes in fourteen different colors, making it easy to choose the one that best matches your color scheme. With a diameter of 11.25, this circular, chip-resistant tray is ideal for a potluck or bbq. Bed Bath & Beyond offers curbside pickup at many locations, making it easy and safe to buy the perfect serving tray.

11. Colorful Chick Easter Egg Deviled Egg Serving Plate

Last but not least, this colorful tray will add fun and style to your deviled eggs. Each well is decorated with a little Easter chick of pink, purple, blue, green, or yellow. What could be more fun than serving your deviled eggs atop colorfully painted chicks!

This post was originally published on November 5, 2020.

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