Song Premiere: Desi and Cody's Wistful 'Dandelion Wine'

Tulsa-based folk duo Desi and Cody (Desirae Roses and Cody Clinton) sing the sounds of their raising on the sweet "Dandelion Wine." The summer-ready tune recalls simpler times spent with loved ones and is based on scenes from the duo's upbringing.

Cody Clinton says the song was inspired by his childhood spent in Oklahoma.

"This song is about where I grew up. My childhood. The places and people in the song are all real. We used to pick Dandelions and make wine out of it. We spent a lot of time outdoors... fishing, shooting bb guns, stuff like that," Clinton tells Wide Open Country. "This song is all about nostalgia for that place. That time when the world was new and exciting. This song is a chance for me to revisit that place."

Desirae Roses says "Dandelion Wine" conjures a feeling that many can relate to -- no matter where you grew up.

"I grew up in Oregon, but we spent a lot of time outside picking flowers, swimming, and doing stuff like that," Roses says. "I think it's a feeling anyone can relate to."

Listen to "Dandelion Wine" below.

For more information on Desi and Cody, visit their Facebook page.

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Song Premiere: Desi and Cody's Wistful 'Dandelion Wine'