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Delta Children Furniture: High Quality Yet Affordable Furniture For Your Kiddos' Rooms

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There are so many things you have to get when starting to build a nursery for your new baby. You need a glider, recliner, or rocker so you have a place for feeding and storytime, a bedside bassinet for when baby first comes home from the hospital, a bookshelf for all of the baby books you'll undoubtedly get gifted throughout your pregnancy, and tons of toy storage. The list goes on and on and certain baby furniture companies can cost you hundreds of dollars just for one item. Definitely not ideal for parents already preparing for all of the costs that come with a new addition to the family.

Delta children's nursery furniture offers budget-friendly items that not only don't break the bank but are aesthetically pleasing. Something that is most likely important to any new mom (if you're anything like me). You're telling me I can actually get cute baby furniture that doesn't cost a fortune? Sign me up! Delta has lots of incredible options including a 4-in-1 convertible baby crib that can transform into a toddler bed and daybed/sofa — not to mention it comes in at just $200. That's especially impressive because a lot of other companies don't include everything as a furniture set and charge you for the various bed frame changer pieces. You're already having to pay for a crib mattress as well as a toddler mattress, no need to go crazy here. Having a 4-in-1 piece means you don't even have to think about another bed until you're upgrading to a big kid full or twin bed...ideal for busy new parents if you ask me.

Delta children's furniture is available from numerous retailers including Target, Amazon, Wayfair, Buybuybaby, and the Delta children's website. Whether you'd rather order for in-store pickup at your local Target or have your items shipped, you have plenty of options. I was given the opportunity to work with Delta children's and review a couple of their baby furniture products. As a woman expecting her first child, I was excited for the opportunity since I'd already spent months researching furniture options for my nursery and had a pretty good idea of what was out there.

Here are my honest reviews on the Delta Children Jordan Convertible Changing Table and Bookcase and the Delta Children Jordan 3 Drawer Dresser.

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1. The Ultimate Bookcase/Storage Table

Having a place to change diapers is honestly just as important as having a place for the baby to sleep. I know it's something that I'll be doing constantly once the baby arrives so things that were important to me were having a designated spot for that, as well as storage for all of the diapers, ointments, and other items that are kept in a changing station. To me, this changing table/bookcase looked like an amazing option. It's cute, has good storage, and comes with the changing top which typically retails for $65 if you wanted to purchase separately.

Things I Didn't Like

When you're building a piece of furniture you obviously have to follow the directions. But with this piece, you really need to follow closely. As you can see from the above photo on the left, we didn't double-check the labeled screw size and ended up going right through the top layer. It was a quick fix because we were able to cover most of it with the changing top (not to mention, no one can see it unless you're literally looking for it), but worth mentioning just because of how easy it was to screw through the top of the furniture. I promise this mistake is actually easier to make than it sounds because most of the screws are vaguely the same size so it was barely noticeable at the time. You have been warned!

Things I Liked

Honestly, the versatility of the product is probably my favorite part. You can remove the changing top in the future, fill the cubbies up with Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, and Batman toys, and use it for storage in a playroom or kid's corner of the living room down the line. Essentially, it's a piece that can grow with your child.

There are a ton of parts that come in this box but my husband and I were able to put it together in under two hours. I personally found it to be way easier to follow than a piece of Ikea furniture which I somehow always manage to mess up. Despite the little mistake with the screw, it was an all-around easy piece to put together and looks much more expensive than the $160 price tag.

2. A High-Quality Dresser For A Seriously Low Price

Don't mind my messy living room in the left photo. As a seasoned furniture building family, we've learned to put down blankets to make sure no dirt scratches any of the furniture. Maybe it's overkill but makes me feel better! This really is a high-quality dresser for a low investment that you won't regret. I'd been spending months looking at expensive major retails and just couldn't justify spending even $500 for a small nursery dresser. Similar to the crib and bookcase/changing table, this dresser comes in either white or grey. As much as I love the clean look of white furniture I went with the grey since it matched the rug I had already purchased for my nursery and I was not disappointed. The natural legs matched the natural wood crib that I had previously purchased and gives the nursery a nice clean and modern feel. Not to mention I think it would go with numerous other themes and decor styles.

Things I Didn't Like

Kind of a big thing, but we didn't get all of the screws we needed. Once we got down to the last drawer we realized that we were shorted 4 screws that we needed to finish assembling the drawer together. Luckily for us, we had a ton of extra screws on hand but if we hadn't, it would have been a bit frustrating to need to make a Home Depot or Lowes run.

We also had a power drill on hand which made screwing certain parts into place much faster so definitely recommend that if possible. Otherwise, it might take you a bit longer to assemble, especially if you have to get creative with hunting down extra screws. We experimented with some of the leftover screws we had from this box and they ended up being too long, so just make sure you're finding options that are the same length if you find yourself in this situation.

Things I Liked

I'd be shocked if this dresser wasn't one of Delta's best sellers because it was honestly easier to put together than the bookcase. It took us maybe an hour. My husband even said that these were easily the most user-friendly drawers we've ever put together (despite the missing screws). If you've ever put together a piece of furniture with drawers where every single piece is separate, you can relate to how annoying they can be to assemble and make sure they look even once assembled. These took just a few minutes each, tops, and fit into the dresser perfectly. Is there anything worse than a crooked drawer?

It's also nice that if I wanted to use the changing top that came with the bookcase, I can add that to this dresser without a problem (it screws into place via holes in the back).

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