Deer jump

Watch This Fearless Deer Jump over an Unsuspecting Motorcyclist

If you're from the south, deer are almost as common as a hot day. And close encounters with them on the road aren't exactly rare. But one motorcyclist got an up close and personal acrobatic show from a buck while cruising his motorcycle down an Alexandria, Va. highway.

In the now-viral video below, you can see a group of motorcyclists minding their own business. From out of nowhere, a buck suddenly decides to join the party, leaping over one of the cyclists. And if you blink, you'll miss the whole thing.

Thankfully, no one was injured from this bizarre leap of faith, including the buck. So, next time you're driving and see a sign warning you about deer, keep your eyes peeled. I'm sure you don't want another animal to try his own daredevil routine over your car.

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The group of cyclists were participating in a charity event for prostate cancer called, the distinguished Gentleman's Ride, before being inconveniently interrupted by a friend of the woods.

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