Lyndsay Cordell

Skip the Grill, Deep Fry Your Ribs

There's no denying the ribs cooked on the grill are amazing. But if you're looking to break out of a grilling rut, look to fried foods for a different way to make delicious ribs. Deep-fried ribs take pork ribs to the next level by giving them a little bit of a coating and a few minutes in hot oil for a delightful crispy rib. The best thing about deep-fried ribs is that you can use your favorite dry rub and bbq dipping sauce with this tasty recipe.

How To Country Fry Ribs

Deep-fried ribs are a two-step recipe. Start with pork spareribs or baby back ribs. You first need to smoke the ribs for two hours, or you can place the ribs on a baking sheet and roast them in the oven instead. Use a dry rub instead of a marinade with this ribs recipe; any rib rub works here. Then let the ribs cool completely and separate them into individual ribs. While the ribs are cooling, set up everything you'll need for step two.

Country Fried "AKA" Chicken Fried Ribs with Fries

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To create a light and crispy breading, you need a batter of milk, egg, and beer. Your favorite beer will work, though pilsners, lagers or ales (pale or brown) work best. Just make sure it's something you want to drink because you only need about four ounces. If you don't like beer, you can use club soda!

You'll dip each rib into the batter, then into another pan or bowl with a flour mixture, containing all-purpose flour, salt and black pepper. Shake off the excess flour.

Drop each marinated rib into a deep fryer filled with peanut oil or vegetable oil, heated to 350 degrees. The ribs cook pretty quickly, you'll need a total time of about two or three minutes, until they are golden brown. Don't overcrowd the fryer; you'll definitely need to deep fry in multiple batches.

Serve your deep fried ribs with your favorite barbecue sauce; you can go sweet Southern, spicy Cajun-style, sweet and sour Asian. You can also add garlic powder or soy sauce for extra flavor. Whatever bbq sauce you choose, make sure you have plenty of napkins or paper towels on hand!