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11 Creative Hidden Flasks So Practical, No One Will Suspect a Thing

Sometimes you just want a drink, but you don't want to pay a ridiculous amount or wait in a line that snakes around the bar with no real ending. While I'm not encouraging you to engage in illegal activities, I do believe that the key to enjoying an event is to work smarter, not harder. With that mind, here are 10 creative hidden flasks that could trick even the stingiest of security at festivals, BYOB events, and the like because they're just so functional.

Editor's Note: Please do not consume alcohol unless you're 21. Seriously, nothing good happens after midnight. Also, we are not advocating people to sneak alcohol into place it is forbidden. What you do on your own account is completely up to you. 

11 Creative Hidden Flasks to Sneak Alcohol in Plain Sight

1. The Hairbrush Flask

Who could ever argue with a hairbrush in your bag? This hairbrush hidden flask, with a screw-cap end, holds six ounces of your favorite spirit. You'll get your fill of boozy fun and fix your hair at the same time!

For $19.79, this flask travels deceptively well through stadium gates, is perfect for tailgates, and concerts. And bonus: it's a hairbrush you won't want to lose and it fits right in your tote bag.

2. The Scarf Flask

The FlaskScarf comes in 13 different colors and prints, and each holds eight ounces of your favorite drink, whether it's juice or wine. No judgment here.

For $25.95, you'll never be cold ever again because you'll be wearing an infinity scarf and you may or may not be drunk in plain sight.

3. The Binoculars Flask

Who could ever blame you for sight-seeing? Manage your tolerance with crowds by letting loose a bit with this binoculars flask, perfect for game day and beyond. Serve up your favorite binocktails from this hidden alcohol flask.

Each eyepiece holds eight ounces, so that's 16 ounces total per one pair. Imagine the possibilities! For $13.99 (on sale from $19.99), these will make any event slightly bearable.

4. The WineRack

The WineRack is a fan favorite among hidden flask users because it holds 25 ounces of your favorite drink. For reference, a bottle of wine is 25.4 ounces so you do the math.

For $29.99, you'll not only have a hidden bottle of wine on you, but you'll also have an incredibly comfortable sports bra. As if you needed an excuse to wear a sports bra to an event. I know I don't!

5. The Sunscreen Flasks

This set of two sunscreen bottles come complete with security seals and a funnel for extra precision in the deceit. While lotion bottles are popular, sunscreen is practical and who can yell at you for carrying around some bottles of SPF that just happen to be a lotion flask.

These SPF bottles contain eight ounces each of spirits. For $10.99, this pack of two covers all your bases so you can cruise, booze, and schmooze at all the sporting events you wish.

6. The Chill Pack Flask

Heading to an event that allows coolers, but no alcohol? This deceptive ice pack flask is your best bet. It holds 14 ounces of liquid and seamlessly blends into a lunchbox or cooler.

For $7.97 (on sale from $19.97), you have this ready for beach season and long fishing trips. Trust me, you'll need it.

7. The Umbrella Flask

Like the sunscreen bottles and ice pack above, who could argue with carrying around an umbrella just in case? This umbrella flask holds nine ounces of alcohol and comes with lid seals.

It's not a working umbrella by any means but looks just like one on the outside. For $16.50, look like you're prepared for all kinds of weather while getting saucy on the DL with a boozebrella.

8. The Camera Flask

Kick it old school with this digital camera flask that holds five ounces of your favorite spirit. Who would make you throw out a camera?

Exactly. Find yours here for $15.99 and start practicing your best I'm-taking-a-photo-but-I'm-really-getting-drunk face.

9. The Book Flask

This book, which conceals a quality 8.5-ounce glass flask from Italy, features the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Bound beautifully, there's no way anyone would question your reading prowess.

For $59.95 (on sale from $79.95), this is a foolproof flask set-up that has loose-printed pages and a foil-stamped cover for the most deceptive scheme yet. I think Sherlock would approve.

10. The Bracelet Flask

It's jewelry shopping, with a twist. I'm not one to wear flashy jewelry, but I think I'll give in this time.

This bracelet is only $10.15. Choose from 14 different colors and fill it up with 3.5 ounces of your favorite vice.

11. The Mittens Flask

While some items are meant for warm weather, these are meant for cold weather. The left mitten holds four ounces of your favorite drink.

One size fits most when it comes to these green mittens. For $27.99, this pair of mittens will warm you from the inside out.

This post was originally published on March 10, 2017.

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