Rory Cochrane as hear no evil, Jason London as speak no evil and Sasha Jenson as see no evil in a scene from the film 'Dazed And Confused', 1993.
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Relive 'Dazed and Confused' at These Texas Filming Locations

Richard Linklater's classic 1993 film Dazed and Confused gave us many things: Matthew McConaughey, the always quotable "Alright, alright, alright" and a coming of age high school comedy that never gets old even decades later.

McConaughey was a student at the University of Texas at the time of filming. He notoriously approached the film's casting director in an Austin bar and landed himself the memorable role of Wooderson. 

Set on the last day of school in 1976, the film took audiences on a wild ride as it followed a stacked cast including Jason London, Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich, Cole Hauser, Parker Posey, Adam Goldberg, Joey Lauren Adams,  McConaughey, Nicky Katt and Rory Cochrane. There are multiple Hollywood superstars in that cast. 

Like many other Linklater films, it was filmed in Austin, Texas. From a beloved burger joint to the site of the infamous moon tower party, here's our round-up of the top 10 Dazed and Confused filming locations you can visit today.

1. Bedichek Middle School

Lee High School was actually filmed in a middle school in north Austin. Apparently the  hazing rituals of this Austin high school were inspired by Linklater's own experiences growing up in Texas.

6800 Bill Hughes Rd Austin, TX 78745

2. Top Notch Hamburgers

Located in north Austin off Burnet Road, this old-school burger joint is one of the classic film locations in the movie. 

7525 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78757

3. West Enfield Park

The big party at "Moontower" had to make the list. Nearly every major character makes an appearance at the big end of school party in the park. While moon towers do exist in Austin, this one isn't actually there — it was just a prop for the movie. 

?2008 Enfield Rd Austin, TX 78703

4. Americana Movie Theater

Though it's no longer a movie theater, the sign for the old Americana still stands. Today, it's the Yarborough branch of the Austin Public Library.

2200 Hancock Dr Austin, TX 78756

5. Everette L. Williams Elementary School

The junior high school where the future freshmen go running from the senior boys at the sound of the bell was actually this Georgetown elementary school. 

507 E University Ave Georgetown, TX 78626

6. The Emporium (Violet Crown Shopping Center)

Ahhh, the pool hall that gives us extra time with McConaughey on screen. It's definitely up there as one of the most iconic spots in the film that the group frequents. If you visit today, you can enjoy some delicious Texas BBQ at Stiles Switch BBQ and Brew. 

6610 N Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78757 

7. Mike Newhouse's house

Adam Goldberg's loveable "geek" Mike Newhouse's home makes an appearance.

2513 Great Oaks Pkwy Austin, TX 78756 

8. Toney Burger Center

The football field where Pink contemplates his life is actually the Toney Burger Center. 

3200 Jones Rd Austin, TX 78745

9. Mitch's Baseball Game

The baseball game where Mitch is the pitcher was the unfortunate spot of his beating at the hands of multiple seniors. But he does form a connection with Jason London's character Randall "Pink" Floyd who invites him out with the group that night.

Shoal Creek Rd and N Park Dr Austin, TX 78757

10. Carl Burnett's house

Ben Affleck's O'Bannion ambushes Carl and Mitch at Carl's house in an effort to paddle them in one of the most intense high school hazing rituals I've seen on screen. Luckily, Carl's mom comes to the door and stops him with her...rifle. 

6409 Wilbur Dr Austin, TX 78757

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