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Exclusive Premiere: David Starr's Smoldering Video for 'Waiting In The Dark'

Today we're giving Wide Open Country readers an exclusive first look at Americana songwriter David Starr's smokey new video for "Waiting In The Dark." The song is featured on Starr's new EP, The Head and The Heart, produced by John Oates (Hall & Oates).

Starr, a born-and-raised Arkansan, now splits his time between Nashville and Colorado. His time spent in Aspen during the substance-fuelled excess of the early 80s provided the inspiration for his smoldering track "Waiting In The Dark." During that time, Starr had a friend whose hard living strained their relationship. The song explores the pain of caring for someone who perpetually lives in the fast lane.

"Ultimately, it's kind of about waiting on somebody to change whatever the behavior is," says Starr. "Whether it's waiting on somebody to come home from being out too late, or just change their way of thinking and come around to yours. It has multiple layers of meaning."

For the music video, Starr wanted something gritty. Filmed over the summer, the clip sees Starr performing in one of Nashville's abandoned warehouses. You'd never know by watching the video, but temperatures inside the warehouse reached a scorching 120 degrees.

Also, you'd be hard-pressed to tell that Starr actually performed the song in double time. The director had him play the song faster than it was recorded. In post-production, they slowed the clip down to match the tempo, giving the video a cinematic look and feel. The recording of Starr playing this song fast sounds almost like an EDM song you'd hear bumping at a nightclub.

"Waiting In The Dark" is also the only track on The Head And The Heart that features Starr's lead guitar chops. Look for his smooth break midway through the video.


Starr is currently on tour in New England and will continue on the road through Spring of 2018. To view a full list of his current dates, click here.

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