David Nail’s New Single Blurs Line Between Country and Rock [LISTEN]


David Nail experiments with a more rock-infused sound in his new single, “Night’s On Fire”.

The track is one of the most experimental he has ever released and blurs the line between country and rock. Its sound is heavy on electric guitar and percussion; but even with the obvious alt-rock production, there’s a plucky banjo line streaming through, keeping the track rooted in Nail’s more modern and polished type of country.

The hooky refrain of “oh, oh, oh” continues throughout the song, making it a true “earworm” worthy of spins on country radio. Though, time will tell if “Night’s On Fire” is “country enough” to win over radio programmers and earn a place at the top of the charts. No matter how successful the single is commercially, it’s a great example of the creative genius and potential that Nail still holds as an artist.

Nail plans to release his fourth studio album, Fighter, sometime later this year. He’s currently gearing up for a string of dates in which he’ll open for Little Big Town’s Pain Killer Tour, with Ashley Monroe through September. You can find a list of upcoming tour dates at David Nail’s official website.

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David Nail’s New Single Blurs Line Between Country and Rock [LISTEN]