David Luning
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Video Premiere: David Luning Celebrates Life on the Road in 'Driftin'

Rising artist David Luning hits the road in his scenic new video for "Driftin."

Luning left sunny California for the Berklee College of Music looking for success in film scoring. Instead, he found John Prine. A few friends invited Luning over for his first taste of "Americana music or folk or country or whatever you want to call it," Luning says, and that was it.

He dropped out of school and made the trip back to California, immediately diving into songwriting and performing. From the open mic circuit to festival stages, Luning's passion carried him far. Heck, he even earned praise from Keith Urban after his self-produced 2012 debut Just Drop On By.

All of that hard work eventually landed Luning in the studio with producer Karl Derfler (Tom Waits, No Doubt, Dave Matthews Band). And now we all get to enjoy the result.

The infectious "Driftin" likely introduces Luning to an even greater audience. His ode to life on the road, "Driftin" hits all the right notes. The call-and-response between the vocal and the guitar in the chorus is just downright smart writing.

And the video captures the carefree spirit — always moving, meeting new people and seeing new places — perfectly. Check out our exclusive premiere below.

David Luning says his love of touring inspired the tune. "This video was incredibly fun to work on and driving that old volvo around was totally fitting too," he explains. "It was funky to drive but super fun."

However, not without a bit of risk.

"At one point while driving down the highway," Luning continues, "I actually accidentally completely pulled the stick shift out of the gears." "[I] was just holding it in the air unattached, but was able to jam it back in somehow and continued driving."

Hey, nobody ever said the life of the rambling man was easy.

Luning's new 12-song record Restless features more where that comes from. You can pre-order the album now and also give a listen to "Gonna Forget About You" and "Different Piano Song." The record drops Feb. 3.

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