David Allan Coe Owes Nearly $1 Million to the IRS

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Country singer-songwriter David Allen Coe was sentenced to three years of probation by U.S. District Judge Timothy S. Black and must pay the IRS nearly $1 million in restitution of tax evasion between the years of 2008 and 2013.

According to WCPO, court records state that Coe either failed to file taxes between those years or never paid the taxes owed despite earning income for at least 100 concerts he held each year.

Kathy Enstrom, IRS Special Agent in charge of the case, says that the money Coe earned was spent on other debts and gambling. Enstrom also stated that in an effort to prevent the IRS from garnishing his wages in order to pay the back taxes, Coe began taking money for his concerts in cash only.

“Mr. Coe chose to impede and obstruct the due administration of the IRS in an effort to brush aside his duty to file and pay taxes, and is now a convicted felon,” Enstrom said.

Coe plead guilty for obstruction of justice last fall. On top of his probation he was ordered to pay back a total of $980,911.86.

As part of the so-called “outlaw country” movement, Coe penned notable songs such as “Take This Job and Shove It.” His 1970 album Penitentiary Blues was based off of time he spent in prison in his 20’s, a stint that was extended when he murdered an inmate for what he says was in retaliation of the inmates request for a sexual favor.

Coe should consider himself lucky that history did not repeat itself as the sentence for obstruction could’ve carried up to three years of jail time.

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David Allan Coe Owes Nearly $1 Million to the IRS