Dashcam Captures Moving Moment Texas Officer Saves a Child's Life

A dashcam video released by the Granbury, TX captured the moment a police officer responded to every parent's worse nightmare. On Oct. 12, officer Chase Miller responded to a 911 call about a 3-year-old in a KFC parking lot who was not breathing. The boy's father made the frantic call, and when officer Miller arrived, he snapped into action. Thankfully, he was able to revive the young boy thanks to his speedy response.

The boy, Brayden, was not breathing and unresponsive when Miller pulled up to the scene. Arriving before EMS, he immediately started CPR and asked the father for help. The mother, visibly distraught, could only stand by and watch as her son's life was in Miller's hands.

When EMS showed up, Brayden was rushed to the local hospital and made a full recovery.

Miller was later honored with a Life Saving Award at a city council meeting by Granbury's governor. Brayden and his parents were in attendance to show their gratitude for the officer. Brayden even got a gift from the police officer who saved his life -- a toy dog named Chase from his favorite show, Paw Patrol.

This video serves as a wonderful reminder of the positive, important role police officers play in our communities.

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Dashcam Captures Moving Moment Texas Officer Saves a Child's Life